Swinging For Beginners - FAQ

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    How can I have it as an App?
Navigate to SwParties.
on Iphone click the box with the arrow on the broswer fotter and select "Add to Home Screen".
On Android click the 3 dots on he right upper side and select "Add to Home Screen".
    How can I have my profile validated?
Following many requests we received from users, we decided to solve the impersonation problem.
Each couple on the site meets with different couples, after the meeting he can attest that the couple is not impersonator but real.
On any profile on the site, you will find an option to validate the Profile, profile with high validation rank Indicates high authenticity of the profile.
    What plan is best for me?
We have varied subscription plans, so each one can find the plan that fits his needs.
We suggest you to start with the Bronze (Free) which will allow you to arrange one party per month with 2 participants.
Silver plan allows up to 2 events with up to 4 participants.
Gold plan allows up to 4 events with up to 8 participants.
Platinum allows unlimitted events with up to 25 participants.
    Platinum \ Club advanced plans
If you are inquiring in regards to Platinum or club plan; we will be happy to provide you a free trial of that advanced plan for a period of 6 full months.
How to own free trial? Simply, create your account and email us a request.
    Are there certain rules I need to take into consid
Yes, there is a conduct policy/house rules for each event, that may vary per event.
it is recommended to check it with the organizer.
    Cannot find club
If you cannot find a specific club on the list.
Send us email with the club name and any useful information about it; our team will collect all other information needed and will act to add it.
    Are Single men\women allowed?
The mix of participants is defined by the event owner; it can be added more single but it will be with some ratio.
Some clubs, on the other hand, will allow that but the pricing will be higher from double occupancy and mostly don’t discount or charge-up for single occupancy.
    How to delete account?
An account cannot be deleted directly.
Account must be frozen through the Account Management section.
After a period of freeze, the system automatically removes the inactive accounts on the site.
Please note: Every re-login to the site activates the account again, so if you freeze the account and you want it to remain inactive and eventually deleted, you should not log in to the site.